What we do?
And how we do it
We design and develop application for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and HTML5. We boast a highly dedicated team of engineers, designers and test crew to deliver the most powerful and engaging apps. Through mobile apps we help our clients achieve a superior one to one experience with their customers and employees.

      Our seasoned iOS app developers and style-obsessed designers use the most innovative tool kits and platforms to make your applications truly stand out. For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch apps we leverage the use of native device features like the accelerometer and GPS to create fun and engaging experiences. As iOS innovates with each new version of their operating system and hardware, our mobile development team follows with their own innovations. Most important and magical factor in success of iOS as a platform is its flexibility to develop custom and innovative applications for custom requirements. If you are looking to get one developed, you are at the right place.read more..
    • Android Mobile App Development

      G4 Global Tech, Inc. is primed to handle the most challenging application requests. Our extremely knowledgeable Android Mobile APP Developers team coupled with our agile development process brings you effective streamlined solutions packaged as beautiful apps. We believe our well placed technical expertise and design language can define the innovative boundaries of Android app development. Our teams boast ownership of a wide range of Android devices to ensure utmost performance and compatibility.

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    • Blackberry Development

      We have been at forefront of enterprise application development for BlackBerry since the day they opened the platforms to developers. Our extremely experienced app designers have in-depth understanding of the BlackBerry SDK to create very compelling and feature rich applications. Our teams are even geared up and ready to start development for the new launched BlackBerry 10 OS.

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    • Windows Development

      Our experience with Silverlight development and design savvy mindset can help you develop applications for the rapidly growing Windows Phone platform. Whether you are looking for development of standalone Windows Phone app development or you need Windows Phone application integration with your company's legacy systems, engaging our app development team will get your solution on the fast track to reality.

    • HTML5 Development

      The biggest benefit of HTML5 applications is the reduced development cost and ease of cross platform portability. Our engineers can help you figure out if it the right choice for your mobile app development needs. Our teams are well versed in various HTML5 technologies like PhoneGap, JQMobile, JQTouch and Sencha Touch.

  • Our beliefs are simple, successful product is always the result of careful design work. Brainstorm your ideas with our teams and we will help you shape your final product. We use peer training and review to constantly upgrade our abilities. We give your app the backing it needs of a large development team because we understand that one or two developers are not enough when you are building serious apps. Enjoy the excitement as your app hits the store
What do we do?
What is our company infrastructure like?
Gadgets and Testing: We keep a diverse inventory of gadgets ranging from devices with multiple screen sizes to units with various processors running different versions of the OS to ensure the highest possible compatibility. This also helps us conduct extensive automated and manual testing.
Experience: Our project managers have extensive industry experience and are innovators and team players who will work with you bring you app development idea to life and reach the targeted audience.
Tools: For all our mobile application development we use a dedicated project collaboration, management and tracking system for a transparent development.
Training: We are huge believers in training; all our developers go through a standardized quality assurance and new technologies training periodically to stay up-to-date.
How to get started on your mobile application development?
We believe if you have a basic idea about what you want your app to do you should schedule a free phone consultation with one of our manager to brainstorm and further develop your idea. In most cases our manager would be able to give you an approximate budget and timeline you would need to develop the application as well as provide technology recommendations. Contact us today!! These are no pressure no push calls friendly calls.
How does hiring our team work?
We provide our clients with a dedicated development team that consists of a project manager (your primary contact), designer, developers (number of developers based on size and scope of the application) and testers. You can hire us using one of these ways:
Project based hiring: In this scenario you will provide us with the project requirements and scope base on which we will agree on a price, milestones and delivery time frame. It will then be our responsibility to complete the project in given timeline while keep you updated and informed at all times.
Full-time hiring: Our mobile application developer will work full-time on your mobile application ideas.
  • 8 hours a day & 24 Days / month
  • Total: 192 hours / month
  • Minimum period of hiring: 1 month
  • Billing: Monthly
Who owns the application code?
Your idea and so the final application code also belongs to you!
How does the app approval process work?
All our developers are aware of both iOS app store and Android Market place rule and regulation and so all code written is up-to the mark. We will help you submit the application to these app stores as well make any necessary adjustments and changes required to the application approved.
How does maintenance and updates work?
For the first 45 days post launch we provide free bug fixes. However if the issue is not a bug, or does not fall under the original project scope we will provide you an estimate on hourly basis to perform the job.